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Sacred Fire Hirucan Mountain Tuva  copyright 2003  photo by Kent Dorsey

Just what is Shamanic Healing?
Sandra Ingerman states that, "Shamanic healing is a spiritual method of healing that deals with the spiritual aspect of illness.

Shamanic Healing Sessions

I offer Individual Shamanic Healing Sessions and Group Healing Sessions. Whether your goal is personal growth, self empowerment and exploration or personal healing; understanding your own divinity, joyful attainment of your dreams, or understanding your Life’s Direction, our intent is that those who choose to walk this path with us experience profound transformation and a renewed sense of purpose.

Shamanic Healing is a spiritual method of healing that addresses the Spiritual aspects of dis-ease and life issues. Each healing session is tailored to your individual needs. I perform a diagnostic Journey and my helping spirits will create a healing program based on your most pressing needs.

Who should come for a Shamanic Session?


Many have felt a calling from spirit and are awakening to make a difference in this world. We, as a people, are on a vision quest. Living a vision and questing for more of who we truly can become. We invite you to discover  Shamanic Healing and engage the quest for deeper, broader vision of who and what you truly are.
  • Are you ready to access the invisible world in our infinite universe?
  • Are you ready to access your OWN answers to questions about your life?
  • Are you ready to empower yourself to live a richer and more meaningful life?
  • Are ready to restore Balance and Harmony to your Life?
  • Are you at a transition point in your life, needing to make a next step forward and not sure how…
  • Are you ready to heal old wounds,  patterns, habits, compulsions and addictions that you’ve worked on before, but that just haven’t gone away…  Addictions are also a sign of soul loss as we seek external sources to fill up the empty spaces inside of us whether through substances, food, relationships, work, or buying material objects.
  • Are you ready to feel whole,fully in your body and alive and fully engaged in life?  Do you Feel  like there is “part of you missing?”  Do you ever say, “I’ve never felt the same since….?”
  • Do you suffer from chronic depression, anxiety attacks, suicidal tendencies, post traumatic stress syndrome, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, immune deficiency problems, low energy… and grief that just does not heal?
  • Are you psychically intuitive & sensitive ? Have you had metaphysical experiences and wondered how to work with them safely for the highest good?
  • Do you feel “energetically sensitive” or too easily intruded-upon by others’ thoughts or feelings…

There are three common causes of illness in the shaman’s world view...

A person may have lost his or her power, causing depression, chronic illness, or a series of misfortunes. In this case, the shaman journeys to restore that person’s lost power. (A Power Animal Retrieval)

Or a person may have lost part of their soul or essence, causing soul loss, which sometimes occurs during an emotional or physical trauma, such as accidents, surgery, abuse, the trauma of war, being in a natural disaster, divorce, the death of a loved one, or other traumatic circumstances. Soul loss can result in dissociation, post-traumatic stress syndrome, depression, illness, immune deficiency problems, addictions, unending grief, or coma. Soul loss can prevent us from creating healthy relationships and the life we truly wish to live. It is the role of the shaman to track down the parts that have fled and been lost due to trauma by performing a Soul Retrieval ceremony.

Another cause of illness from a shamanic perspective would be any spiritual blockages or negative energies a client has taken on due to the loss of his or her power or soul. These spiritual blockages also cause illness, usually in a localized area of the body. It is the role of the shaman to extract and remove these harmful energies from the body. (Extraction Healing)

A shaman heals both the living and the deceased. In healing those who died, the shaman performs a psychopomp ceremony of helping those who have died cross over to a comfortable and peaceful place. The ceremony may also include clearing a home or land of spirits that are in a state of unrest.

As shamanic healing deals with the spiritual aspect of illness there is no way to predict the results that will manifest emotionally or physically. Shamanic healing does not replace the need for traditional psychological and medical treatment.

There are different ways that practitioners can work. One way is for the shamanic practitioner to only provide spiritual healing and follow up treatments if necessary. Another option is after the healing work to continue to work with your shamanic practitioner on the process of integration.

The purpose of continuing the work would be to find ways to restore balance and harmony in your life and create a positive present and future for yourself through the use of spiritual practices and ceremonies. Life without passion and meaning can result in despair. With shamanic practices you can explore how to create a meaningful life. Some people feel they have their own support systems in psychotherapy and with other spiritual practices and do not feel they need such follow up work with a shamanic practitioner. It is important that you find what you need to support the shamanic healing work that has been done.

It is important to understand that in the practice of shamanism the shamanic practitioner works in partnership with his/her helping spirits. The helping spirits do the diagnosis and advise on what healing ceremony should be done.

Today in a psychologically sophisticated culture many clients show up telling shamanic practitioners what healing work needs to be done. This is not how shamanic healing works. The shamanic practitioner listens to the problem the client presents and then consults with his or her healing spirits for the spiritual diagnosis and the proper healing method."
Sandra Ingerman

Other Shamanic Healings include: Heart Centered Depossession, Curse Unraveling, Ceremony and Ritual.

Healing versus Curing:
In my tradition there is a simple difference. Curing is based in responding to symptoms only, and healing is based in finding and dealing with the root cause that creates the symptom. Dr. Alberto Villodo clearly states this viewpoint:

"During my studies with the shamans I found that there is a difference between curing and healing. Curing is remedial and involves fixing whatever outer problem arises, such as patching a tire if you have a flat, or treating snakebite, or using chemotherapy to control a tumor. It does not help you avoid the nails on the road, the snakes in the woods, or the disease that caused the tumor. Healing is broader, more global, and complete. Healing transforms one’s life, and often, though not always, produces a physical cure. I have seen many medical cures in which healing did not occur. I have also seen instances of great healing in which the patient passed away. Healing results from an experience of infinity. While healing we measure success by increased well-being, a sense of new found peace, empowerment and a feeling of communion with all life." Dr. Alberto Villodo

If you are interested in either receiving a Shamanic Healing or in Shamanic Training please feel free to contact me... kent@centerforshamanichealing.com 

Since this is spiritual work, no one is turned away for lack of financial resources. However, shamanic work is more effective if there is some sort of exchange -- think of what you might pay a therapist for a similar healing, then apply a sliding scale. This helps you (and your own spirit helpers, not to mention your own unconscious) feel committed to the work, which always helps. I've found that if someone has the resources to pay for this kind of work, and doesn't because it's "free", it is often much less effective. This is a reflection of how much you value and take responsibility for your own healing. This is serious work, and you should come to it with this attitude. Payments "in kind" are welcome.

Shamanic healing and training requires a collaboration and mutual commitment between my client and myself. When you schedule an appointment with me, I reserve for you the time you have requested, and then make the needed preparations for your session. A lot of care goes into doing this work well. In exchange, I ask you to arrive on time for sessions and to complete whatever preparations we may have discussed.

When you make an appointment with me, you agree to the following: If you wish to reschedule or cancel a non-ceremonial session, you will make this request at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. Because healing sessions, such as soul retrieval, require much more preparation on my part, you will make any request to reschedule or cancel a minimum of 72 hours before your scheduled appointment. Without the above notice of rescheduling or cancellation, you will be responsible for payment for the full amount of session time reserved. The worth of the work I perform with and for clients cannot be calculated, so I simply charge for my time.

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